Purchased/received a vehicle without a title or other ownership document

​In order for WisDOT to issue a title for a vehicle purchased/received without a proper ownership document or a complete chain of ownership, we will require a surety bond as stated in Wisconsin Statute 342.12(3)(b)​.

​How to apply for a surety bonded title​


Complete these forms and submit with all applicable fees:

  1. Application for a Bonded Certificate of Title to a Vehicle form MV2082 (en español)
  2. Wisconsin Title & License Plate Application form with MV1 Application​ - MV1 (en español)

​STEP 2:

Once WisDOT receives the application, we will research vehicle records in Wisconsin as well as other jurisdictions to determine previous ownership of the vehicle. We will review the application and consult with price guides to determine the bond amount.​

​STEP 3:

WisDOT will send you a letter requesting a surety bond for the determined amount.

Once WisDOT receives the surety bond, we will issue a Wisconsin title that shows the brand, BOND POSTED. This brand will remain in Wisconsin records for 5 years.

After the bond has been held for the 5 year period, WisDOT will send a letter to the current vehicle owner(s) letting them know they can obtain a title without the brand and the surety bond will be returned to the surety company. For additional information please see frequently asked questions (FAQs):