DTSD Excellence in Construction Awards 2021

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Award Categories

  • Grading Category
  • Asphalt Paving Category
  • Concrete Paving Category
  • Small Structures Category
  • Large Structures Category
  • Large Contract Category

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Grading category

Wis 47

WIS 47, Shawano to Neopit, Menominee County - North Central Region

The Excellence in Grading went to James Peterson Sons, Inc. of Medford for work on the WIS 47 project in Menominee County. Through a valued partnership between James Peterson Sons, the Department of Transportation, and the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, this 2.5-mile segment of WIS 47 was successfully completed. Despite complex staging and unexpected re-design of a portion of the project, James Peterson Sons was able to look within to maximize their production and advance future staging to stay on schedule. This excellent communication and ability to quickly adapt to changes was a key factor in the project’s success.

Asphalt paving category

Wis 17

WIS 17, from Rhinelander to Eagle River, Oneida & Vilas Counties - North Central Region

The Excellence in Asphalt Paving Award went to Pitlik & Wick, Inc. in Eagle River for work on a 17.4-mile section of WIS 17 from Rhinelander to Eagle River in Oneida and Vilas counties. The route sees high traffic volumes from both commuter and tourism traffic, especially during the summer months. Pitlik & Wick did an outstanding job to ensure access and reduce the inconveniences of construction while still delivering an outstanding project.

Concrete paving category

North Teutonia

North Teutonia Avenue, West Groeling Ave to West Capitol Drive, Milwaukee County - Southeast Region

The Excellence in Concrete Paving Award went to Zignego Company of Waukesha for the reconstruction of North Teutonia Avenue from West Groeling Avenue to West Capitol Drive in the City of Milwaukee. Working alongside residents and business owners, Zignego used their expertise to adjust the staging plan to maintain access to businesses, maintain traffic flow and keep the project on time. The result is a well-built roadway with an excellent ride that will serve the community for years to come.

Small structures category

Rock creek bridge

WIS 85, Rock Creek Bridge, Dunn County – Northwest Region

The Excellence in Small Structures Award went Zenith Tech, located in Waukesha, for construction of the WIS 85 bridge over Rock Creek in Dunn County. The project included replacement of the bridge, as well as a Wisconsin DNR-funded dam removal. Zenith Tech and the project team worked through multiple challenges to ensure no adverse impacts to Rock Creek, a Class 1 trout stream.

Large structures category

Wis 23 bridge

WIS 23, Wisconsin River Bridge, Sauk County – Southwest Region

The Excellence in Large Structures Award went to Kraemer North America of Plain for construction of the WIS 23 bridge over the Wisconsin River in Sauk County. The project rehabilitated a 7-span, 990-foot steel girder structure built in 1965. Work included deck replacement, new bridge bearings and repainting the girders. Kraemer North America had a tight schedule which required a late fall start date and working almost continuously through the winter to reopen the bridge to traffic as required. They were instrumental in working with the Department and subcontractors in thinking creatively to modify the schedule and ultimately complete the work almost 6 weeks early.

Large contract category

I-43 Interchange

I-43 Interchange Core, Illinois State Line to Madison, Rock County – Southwest Region

I-39 Constructors, LLC received the Large Contract Award for their work on I-43 Interchange Core project in Rock County. The project reconstructed and expanded 3.7 miles of both I-39 and I-43, as well as reconstructing and extending WIS 81. The project involved many different components including three new flyover ramps and 7 new structures. The contractor joint venture did an excellent job working within tight time frames and staged construction areas to provide an excellent project while still maintaining traffic volumes of 97,000 vehicles per day.

Judging team

  • Bureau of Structures (BOS): Aaron Bonk
  • Bureau of Technical Services (BTS): Bob Arndorfer, Jim Parry and Steven Hefel
  • Bureau of Project Development (BPD): Kim Schauder and Craig Pringle
  • DTSD Northeast Region: Kristin Van Hout
  • DTSD Southwest Region: Jennifer Kobryn
  • DTSD Southeast Region: Mohammad Hossain
  • Federal Highway Administration: Nick Perna