Lists of new vehicle registrations

​​​​​​​The New Vehicle Report contains statistics on the number of applications for new vehicles processed in a given month (or, alternatively, purchased in a previous month.) A new vehicle is defined as a vehicle of a model year no more than two model years old, which was titled for the first time. The location where the vehicle is kept is identified on the report, which may be different than the customer's mailing address.

Vehicle types​​

  • CYCL - Includes vehicles with a vehicle type of cycle (including both motorcycles and mopeds).
  • TRLR - Includes vehicles with a vehicle type of trailer (including semi and gross weight trailers).
  • AUTO - Includes vehicles with a vehicle type of auto.
  • AUCY - Includes Autocycles only.
  • BUS - Includes motor vehicles designed primarily for the transportation of persons rather than property and having a passenger carrying capacity of 16 or more persons, including the driver.
  • MOTOR HOME - Includes motor vehicles designed to be operated on the highway for use as a temporary or recreational dwelling and having the same internal characteristics as a recreational vehicle trailer.
  • TRUCK w/o Buses and Motor Homes - Includes vehicles with a vehicle type of truck regardless of registration type (including heavy trucks, pickup trucks, vans, most SUVs, etc.), but excluding vehicles already included in the above categories of BUS and MOTOR HOME.

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