Single trip permits

  • Valid for 5 days, valid for one trip only​
  • Route is specified
  • Return trip allowed at no charge if requested with original permit application
  • May request five days in advance

Single trip vehicle or load (SS)

  • For miscellaneous non-divisible oversize/overweight loads or vehicles
  • Examples of loads include transformer, boat, air conditioner, crane under-own-power, well driller under-own-power
  • Buildings such as houses, garages and other structures defined as "Building" are not permitted under this permit type; see permit type "Single trip building" below for more information
  • Divisible loads such as steel beams, trusses, two tractors loaded end-to-end can sometimes be allowed if specified loading or routing conditions can be met

Forms and more information about this permit type and how to apply.

Single trip sealed container (CS)

  • This permit is for the transportation of a sealed load
  • "Sealed load" means a load of commodities or products, being transported in a vehicle or container, which has been sealed with a tamper−evident seal affixed at the time of initial loading
  • The load must be in transport as a stage in international trade
  • Issued for weights 80,001 to 90,000 lbs.
  • Vehicle or vehicle combination must have a minimum of six axles
  • Weights must comply with weights in 348.15 (3) (c) and 348.29
  • Must be ordered through our online Self Issue System

Forms and more information about this permit type and apply online.

 Single trip building (SB)

  • For moving buildings such as houses, garages or other structures as defined below
  • "Building" means a dwelling or other structure (or portion of) with one or more overall transport measurements exceeding 12 feet wide, 14 feet 3 inches high, or 100 feet long, that is raised and supported from an existing foundation to be moved and placed on a permanent foundation at a new location where the building is to be delivered; "building" does not include a modular housing unit or manufactured building or home

Forms and more information about this permit type and how to apply.

Single trip factory built home (SM)

  • Includes mobile home, manufactured home or modular home
  • Maximum factory built home section length of 80 feet
  • Maximum overall length of 110 feet
  • Overweight allowed if box width is 16'00" wide or greater and hauling only one home section on carrier
  • A permit may be issued for more than one modular section on a carrier if each section is a component of the same home as evidenced by serial numbers or other distinguishing marks and the overall dimensions of the load will not exceed the size limits specified in the permit. A permit may be issued under this subsection only if at least one portion of the load would require a permit had it been transported on a separate carrier.
  • Escorts are typically required when a vehicle exceeds 15 feet below the roof line or exceeds 16 feet at the roofline

Forms and more information about this permit type and how to apply.

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