Medical professionals - reporting an unsafe driver

If you feel that a driver has a condition with symptoms that may not support safe driving or may cause them to be an unsafe driver, you can report this to the DMV by completing a Medical Examination Report form MV3644, a Vision Report form MV3030V or a Driver Condition or Behavior Report MV3141​​. Essentially, we need to understand the cause of your concern and what you recommend. In Wisconsin, a driver license can only be immediately cancelled when a medical professional (MD, DO, PA-C, or APNP) reports or supplies information to the DMV indicating that a driver is unsafe to drive.

Thin​gs to remember when reporting an unsafe driver:

  • “Driver Condition or Behavior Reports” are reviewed ahead of all other reports, so if your situation is urgent, please use this form.  
  • Please identify the driver with at least the driver’s name and date of birth.  
  • Please be as specific as possible and include any relevant supporting documents, if necessary. The better we understand the driver’s situation, the less likely it is that we will have to ask you for clarification or additional information.
  • When reporting, please include the relevant diagnoses and a description of any symptoms that can interfere with safe driving. 
  • If the driver is willing to surrender their license, that is an option that is open to them. Please see voluntary temporary surrender of a driver’s license ​for more information.

What you are able to do:

  • Recommend cancellation. If you feel the driver’s medical condition is such that it does not support safe driving, you may recommend that we cancel the license.  
  • Recommend testing. If you feel the driver’s medical condition may still support safe driving, but you’d like that verified with driving tests, you may recommend that we retest the driver. The tests include sign, knowledge and skills (road) tests. 
  • Add restrictions to a license. If you fell the driver may benefit from a restricted license, you may recommend restrictions to us. You may also recommend that we remove restrictions if the driver’s condition improves.  

​Some examples of acceptable restrictions include:

  • ​Daylight driving only
  • 15 mile radius of home (any distance can be designated)
  • No freeway or interstate driving

​Some examples of unacceptable restrictions include (these are not enforceable):

  • Driving with someone else in the car
  • Must check blood sugars before driving
  • ​No rush hour or long distance driving

What hap​pens after we receive a medical report?​​​​ 

​​Medical Review & Fitness Unit
P.O. Box 7918
Madison WI 53707-7918

Email Wisconsin DMV email service​​
Phone (608) 266-2327
Fax (608) 267-0518