Wisconsin’s Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) law

Wisconsin law identifies drivers who repeatedly break traffic laws as habitual traffic offenders. Under Wisconsin statute 351.025, they lose their operating privileges for a full five years.

This revocation time period is in addition to any penalties for the individual violations. The HTO Law includes violations on all classes of driver licenses.

A Habitual Traffic Offender is an individual, resident or non-resident, who accumulates one of the following within a 5-year period based on violation date:

  • Four (4) major convictions (Wisconsin violations and/or out of state violations)


  • 12 minor convictions (Wisconsin violations only)


  • A combination of major and minor convictions that total 12

Use this document to determine if the conviction is major or minor (based on the charge code, see HTO column).

The revoked driver may ask the circuit court in the county of residence to review the HTO revocation. The court may order the driver’s operating privilege restored only if it determines there was an error in the driver’s record or in the DMV’s count of the number of convictions.

After a two-year waiting period, per Wisconsin State Statute 351.07, a person who has a revocation under the HTO law may qualify to obtain an occupational license. The two-year waiting period starts on the effective day of the revocation. The driver must petition the judge of the circuit court in their county of residence. The application fee is paid to the court. Learn more about how to apply for an occupational license.

Customers are mailed a revocation pre-reinstatement letter three weeks prior to their reinstatement eligibility date. The pre-reinstatement letter directs the customer to the website to reinstate online, or in some cases to mail in the reinstatement fee with the option of requesting a replacement license. There are times where the letter will instruct the customer that they need to appear in-person at a DMV Customer Service Center.

Check your reinstatement eligibility online.

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