Driver training school office and classroom certifications

Office certification

Whether located in a business area or home, the office must:

  • have adequate lighting, temperature control and ventilation
  • be zoned properly for business use
  • Must be at least 1500 feet from any DOT road test facility or office, unless town’s population is 15,000 or less
  • have access to restroom facilities
  • have sufficient space with the equipment and personnel to properly maintain and store records required by Wisconsin State Statute 343.71

Additional requirements for a home office:

  • that it be visited and approved by a department representative prior to self-certification
  • that it be a separate room with direct access to the exterior (schools licensed prior to January 1, 2007 are exempt)
  • zoning verification that allows an office in a non-traditional business location
  • that it not allow students in the office unless accompanied by a parent or sponsor

A driver school shall have a listed telephone number for the driver training school in the school's name. It cannot consist solely of a telephone answering service.

A school may have more than one office location. Each branch office requires all forms and fees required to open a new office.

  • Driver School Application form MV3110
  • Driver Training School Office Certification form MV3683
  • Fee for school license

All records for a branch office must be kept in that space.

Classroom certification

At least one classroom is required if the school is licensed for under age 18 classroom instruction. Each classroom must meet the requirements specified by the department and have a separate DTS Classroom Certification on file. Complete the Driver Training School Classroom Certification form MV3684.

The licensee shall designate in writing any facility used as a classroom, and no instruction shall begin without written authorization from the department. Authorization from the department does not supersede local ordinances or the building, heating and ventilation code established by the Department of Safety and Professional Security relating to public health, safety and sanitation.

Classroom space must meet the listed mandatory requirements without exception:

  • The classroom must be located in a commercial zone. If not, a letter of approval from the local zoning authority must be submitted with the application.
  • The location of the classroom must be at least 1500 feet from any DOT road test facility or office, unless town’s population is 15,000 or less.
  • Size of room must be at least 20 square feet per occupant. The maximum number of students in one classroom is 35.
  • The classroom must be clean and without conflicting noise, disturbances or distractions.
  • The classroom must have audio-visual materials (projector, chalkboard, VCR/TV, etc.).
  • The classroom must have adequate lighting, temperature control and ventilation.
  • The classroom must have access to restroom facilities.
  • There must be written authorization from a public school if public school classrooms are used to provide instruction.

Classroom facilities need not be used exclusively for driver education if the other uses do not interfere with the proper conduct of instruction.

No more than 35 students may be placed in any class section without the department's approval. Class sections in excess of 35 students may be allowed only when facilities and lesson plans justify such instruction.

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