Driver training school vehicle record

​At least one driver training vehicle must be listed for any school that is licensed to provide behind-the-wheel instruction. Each v​ehicle must have a Driver Training Vehicle Record form MV3264 and proof of insurance on file at the department

All driver training vehicles must be registered with the department with a brief description of each, including the make, model, and registration number and shall be kept in safe working condition, as established by department rule.

Any vehicle used for behind-the-wheel training must:

  • Be in good working condition
  • Have approved dual controls not limited to a separate brake for the instructor located on the right side of the car so the instructor can safely operate the controls
  • Have a right outside mirror positioned so that the instructor can view traffic from the rear
  • Have a sign visible to other vehicles from behind stating that the vehicle is a driver school vehicle​

Driver Training Schools
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