Endangered resources plate designs - frequently asked questions

New eagle design available
Endangered resources license plate  
Gray wolf design
still available
Badger design license plate  
Badger design no longer
On behalf of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), WisDOT has discontinued issuance of the Endangered resources license plate​ design featuring a badger. A new design featuring a bald eagle is now available. You may order the new bald eagle design or the original gray wolf design with form MV2858 Endangered Resources License Plate Information and Application​​.

Why is the design changing?

The first Endangered Resources license plate was introduced 20 years ago.  DNR believes it’s a good time to bring on a new plate that highlights the great success of the eagle’s recovery in Wisconsin and nationally.  Bald eagle populations are at record levels here, and they were removed from the federal endangered species list in 2007. Donations from the sale of Endangered Resources plates are very important to support the work DNR does to help protect and restore native plants and animals. Find more information on the DNR endangered resources webpage.

Can I keep my badger design plates, or will WisDOT replace them?

If your Endangered Resources badger design plates are in good condition, WisDOT has no plans to replace them at this time. You may continue to use them as long as you pay the annual registration and donation fees and both plates are legible.

What if I need to replace my badger design plates due to loss, theft or illegibility?

If your badger design plates need replacement, please submit form MV2118 - Replacement or duplicate license plate application and $10 replacement plate. You will receive plates with the new eagle design.

Can I switch from the badger design to the eagle design?

Yes. Complete form MV2118 - Replacement or duplicate license plate application and send with $10 replacement plate fee. 

Can I switch from the wolf design plates to the eagle design plates?

Yes, but because these are two different plate types, WisDOT is required to charge the $15 issuance and $25 endangered resources fees to issue eagle design plates. You don't need to make the change at renewal, however, the most economical time to switch from the wolf to the eagle design is just before your current registration expires. Please send:

  • Endangered Resources application form MV2858 Endangered Resources License Plate Information and Application​
  • $25 donation fee
  • $15 for the issuance fee (or if your plates are personalized)
  • the regular registration fee for your vehicle (only needed if your registration will expire in the next 90 days)

Are Endangered Resources plates available at DMV customer service centers?
Local DMV customer service centers do not have Endangered Resources license plates for immediate issue, but can process applications and the plates will be mailed. A temporary plate will be issued, if needed.

For more information:

Special Plates Unit
Email Wisconsin DMV email service
Phone (608) 266-3041
Fax (608) 267-5106