Reissuance of license plates

​If your plates are peeling, faded, or damaged, it remains your responsibility to replace them. Go to​​ New plates will arrive by mail.

What is license plate reissuance?

  • The process DMV uses to replace license plates that have exceeded their life cycle is called reissuance.
  • The oldest plates, not necessarily the most worn, will be scheduled for replacement over the coming years.

​When do​es it occur?

  • DMV will send new license plates automatically at the time a vehicle registration is up for renewal and the original plate has reached 10 or more years since issuance.
  • The cycle of replacing the oldest plates will continue over the coming years.

How will I know when my plate will be replaced?

  • You will be notified at the time of your registration renewal if your plates are selected for replacement.
  • Do not worry if your next renewal notice has no information about replacing your plate. Based on how old your current plate is, it will be replaced sometime in the next 10 years.

​How​ much does it cost?
  • ​​​​In addition to your license plate renewal fees, you will pay $8 for the replacement plates.​​

What license plates will be reissued?

  • ​Automobile and light truck plates with the standard sailboat and farm design are being replaced. This includes personalized plates.
  • Customers will receive new regular Wisconsin license plates with a new plate number (unless you have personalized plates) and year and month stickers.

​My plates are already peeling. Can I replace them early?

  • Yes, and then they will not automatically be replaced again during this cycle because the reissuance process only occurs every 10 years.
  • To replace early go to:

My plates look fine, can I opt out of this replacement?

  • ​Unfortunately, no. Although the sheeting may not be fading or peeling, your plates are losing their reflectivity and are no longer as safe. Also, 2021 Wisconsin Act 163 now requires that older plates be replaced.

Reference: State Statute 341.16 (2) Issuance of Replacement Plate and 341.135 (2) Rebasing Registration Plates

How will I receive my replacement plates?

  • If renewing your license plate registration online or by mail:
    • You will receive your new Certificate of Registration (with new plate number) by mail  
    • Your new license plates with updated stickers will be mailed in a separate package
  • If renewing your license plate registration at a DMV Customer Service Center:
    • You will receive your new license plates, Certificate of Registration and updated stickers at the counter
  • If renewing your license plate registration with a 3rd Party Agent
    • Full service “Title/Reg Service” locations will provide your new license plates, Certificate of Registration and updated stickers
    • “Renewal Service Only” locations will provide the new Certificate of Registration (with the new plate number)
      • Your new license plates and updated stickers will be mailed directly from WisDOT 

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