Facilities Capital Cost of Money

This table shows weighted averages of interest rates published by the US Treasury under Public Law 92-41. This rate is used for calculating Facilities Capital Cost of Money under 48 CFR 31.205-10. The table shows a weighted average of six-month rates applicable to various fiscal year ends.

The use of a weighted average rate applied to the average net book value of eligible property plant and equipment is appropriate for firms that have not had unusual fluctuations in capital asset balances during the year.

US Treasury renegotiation board interest rate

Jan 1 - June 302.5000%2.6250%3.6250%2.1250%0.8750%
July 1- Dec 312.3750%3.5000%2.6250%1.1250%
Month/year end 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
January 312.1875%2.4479%3.1458%3.0000%1.2508%
February 282.1875%2.4583%3.2292%2.8750%1.4167%
March 312.1875%2.4688%3.3125%2.7500%1.3125%
April 302.1875%2.4792%3.3958%2.6250%1.2083%
May 312.1875%2.4896%3.4792%2.5000%1.1042%
June 302.1875%2.5000%3.5625%2.3750%1.0000%
July 312.2292%2.5938%3.4896%2.2500%
August 312.2708%2.6875%3.4167%2.1250%
September 302.3125%2.7813%3.3438%2.0000%
October 312.3542%2.8750%3.2708%1.8750%
November 302.3958%2.9688%3.1979%1.7500%
December 312.4375%3.0625%3.1250%1.6250%

The cost of money table was updated January 19, 2020