Roster of eligible engineering consultants

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (WisDOT) uses the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants to determine eligibility for WisDOT construction and design engineering services contracts.

Only firms on the Roster may apply for "Roster" project advertisements in bimonthly design and related services solicitations.

Local units of government may also require firms to be on the Roster to apply for their projects.

Firms must also be on the Roster to participate in Design Opportunity Days (held each spring, advertised with the January bimonthly solicitation) or the annual construction interviews (held each fall to help award contracts for the following season).

Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants (3/13/​24​​​)​

The Roster linked above:​

  • Provides an alphabetical listing of all registered consultants without ranking.
  • Lists contact information and the type of services offered by each firm (only Wisconsin and other select offices are included.)
  • Incorporates information as supplied by firms on the Consultant Report. Firms wishing to change the information appearing on the Roster must re-submit the Consultant Report.
  • Is updated with each bimonthly solicitation.

Firms completing the registration process between Internet publications of the Roster are still eligible for WisDOT contracts.

See our registration process for more information about becoming an eligible consultant with WisDOT.