Value engineering

WisDOT has opportunities for consultant firms to supply value engineering services to the department. Firms identify their employees with value engineering certification as part of WisDOT's registration process.

What is Value Engineering (VE)?

VE is a cost savings tool that, per Federal requirements, is to be used on design projects that have a total estimated cost of $50 million or more as defined in the environmental document.

Where can I obtain information on VE?

VE information is in Facilities Development Manual 3-15-15 .

Do I need to be certified in VE to work for WisDOT?

No. VE certification is not required to work for WisDOT unless you perform VE studies.

How can I become certified in VE?

To be certified to perform a VE study for WisDOT:

  • Be on the WisDOT Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants
  • Have an engineer who meets the requirements as set forth by the Society of American Value Engineers (SAVE) International

To find out more about SAVE certification and training, please call 856-423-3215, visit, or email