Consultant Report

Existing Firms:  A new Consultant Report submission system through Masterworks.  Please do not submit the Consultant Report using the existing process and wait until the new submission system is available.  Availability of the new submission system will be updated here and by notice.  Note that WisDOT will be requesting less information through the Masterworks Consultant Report than the previous form.  We will no longer be requiring Personnel by Discipline and Summary of Professional Fees by Project.  Brief Resumes of Key Personnel and Project Examples are provided elsewhere in parts that are already live in Masterworks.  

New Firms:  Please submit the Consultant Report using the existing process as described below.

New firms can be added to the Roster at any time by submitting the DT1538 Consultant Report due to the WisDOT Contract Administration Unit.  Please note that PDF versions of the form will not be accepted.  The Consultant Financial Report is not due with the DT1538 during the biennial renewal process.

The biennial renewal deadline does not apply to firms not on the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants. Those firms may register with the Department at any time by submitting the DT1538 form and the Consultant Financial Report.

Submittal instructions are included at the end of the form. The instruction pages should be deleted before submitting the form. Include all contact, office, resume and project example information appropriate for the upcoming biennium

The name of your submitted DT1538 MS Word file must include the last two digits of the year from the firm name (ex: FIRM18.doc for a DT1538 submitted in 2018)

Firms must re-submit the DT1538 form during the biennium if they change their contact/address information, general firm email or staff resumes. Please list the changes in your email message when submitting updated information.

Information from the DT1538 builds the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants published on this web site. To change the information listed on the Roster, re-submit the form to

The firm email address provided on DT1538 is used for general communications and special notifications. To be regularly notified of website updates, sign up for the web publication notification list.

The general and web notification email addresses may be the same or different, but only one of each per firm is maintained. Both addresses may receive an email message from WisDOT when significant publications or changes in policy occur.

Please note that DT1538 forms submitted in PDF format will not be accepted. They must be submitted as Word documents.