Miscellaneous forms

The following forms are used at various times in the consultant contract process. The procedure in WisDOT Facilities Development Manual Chapter 8 which provides information on each form is listed below.


Authorization to Begin Work (FDM 8-20-5, Att 1)
Notice to Proceed for "If Authorization" Work (FDM 8-20-5, Att 3)


DT1510 Consultant Contract Invoice (FDM 8-25-10, Att 1)
Consultant Contract Invoice-Overhead Rate Adjustment (FDM 8-25-10, Att 4)
Real Estate Appraisal/Appraisal Review Supporting Documentation

Progress reports and evaluations

DT1087 Construction Performance Evaluation (FDM 8-25-5, Att 2)
DT1558 Design Consultant Performance Evaluation Report (FDM 8-25-5, Att 1)
DT1509 Monthly Progress Report (FDM 8-25-1, Att 1)