Consultant contract supporting documents

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This page lists the supporting documents that must be included with contracts, work orders and amendments. Consultants should work with WisDOT staff to complete the forms, as some financial and project data may not be readily available to firms.

Procedures for submitting contract cost documents can be found in Chapter 8 of the WisDOT Facilities Development Manual.

Submittal sheets

The Contract/Work Order or Amendment Submittal Sheet with supporting documents are needed for each type of contract or amendment.

The only required supporting documents for master contracts are the Contract/Work Order Submittal Sheet and selection approval documents and forms.

Please be sure to fully complete these documents, including an address to which a signed, approved copy can be returned.

Please note that the required number of signed copies has been reduced. The contract submittal checklist should only be completed by WisDOT or local program management consultants.

DT25 form

Contracts over $3,000 must include Form DT25 Recommendation to Governor for Contract and Bond Approval.

Work orders do not require this form because the funds are authorized through the master contract.

The form does not need to be submitted with amendments unless it meets the criteria listed in FDM 8-25-15 or the form is requested by the WisDOT Contract Manager.

Examples of completed DT25:

Supporting cost estimate documents

These documents detail the estimated contract cost by task and in total. Provide one document per project on the contract and one document that totals all projects.

Submitted documents must be easily readable. One document may include multiple pages of data, if necessary.

The Summary of Hours and Labor and Fee Computation Summary by Task document require firms to estimate their costs by engineering task using the Consultant contract activity task list published in FDM Procedure 8-10-1.

Cost estimate templates and examples:

The consultant activity task list is available on the E-contracting webpage. Access task list, which gets updated with consultant/WisDOT activities. 

Federal per diem rates are published by the U.S. General Services Administration. 

Estimating workbooks

A workbook can be used for preparing the cost estimate forms. Use this workbook only when the basis of payment is actual cost plus fixed fee or lump sum. For specific rate contracts use the specific rate workbook below.

A specific rate workbook is also available. This workbook should only be used when the contract/work order/amendment basis of payment is specific rate.


Subconsultants providing cost-based services must complete all of the appropriate supporting cost estimate documents above, except for the Total Fee Computation and Phased Contract Schedule. Provide one document per project on the contract and one document that totals all projects.

A copy of subconsultants' original proposals to the prime must also be submitted with the contract.

Selection approval documents and forms

Consultant selection approval documents and forms, signed during the selection process, are submitted with the corresponding contract.