Utility permits on WisDOT railroad property

WSOR train
Photo Credit: Mark W. Hintz

For utility work on WisDOT railroad property, a permit is required under Trans 29. Fill out and submit form DT2036, Application/permit to construct, operate and maintain utility facilities on Wisconsin Department of Transportation railroad property, along with the associated plans/drawings and required fee to the appropriate regional railroad coordinator listed below.

See transportation region offices to view boundaries by county.

Regional railroad coordinators





  • Anna Davey (715) 392-7960                 

North Central

  • Contact Northeast or Northwest Region coordinator (see map for coverage)

For non-utility work or uses, a Temporary Use Permit or Offer to Use is required. Contact Todd Wojciuk at (262) 574-8492 for more information.

​​ Associated Wisconsin law

Visit the links below for Wisconsin law associated with utilities and permitting on state right of way.