Utility accommodation policy

Proposed revisions to the UAP – Opportunity to review and comment

New!  Additional revisions to be published near the end of June or early July.


Please review and comment by the COB June 21 to COROWPermits@dot.wi.gov 

Revisions were made to 09-15-01 to explain how WisDOT is now writing the Utility Accommodation Policy (UAP) in active voice-imperative mood (tense), which eliminates many "utility​ shall" statements. It does not change the meaning in which a utility has to follow the statement. For example, “Restore the ROW...,” would be written instead of, “A utility shall restore the ROW...” While both are requirements, the first sentence and those similar mean that a utility is the actor, which agrees with the UAP’s intent as being written for utility use.​

In addition to organizational and grammatical revisions, three major revisions were made to 09-15-45:
1) New requirements for working around WisDOT living snow fence and erecting temporary snow fence
2) Requiring as-built three dimensional (X-Y-Z) location data in certain situations
3) Revisions to the slurry recipe mix and creation of an urban cross-section for excavation backfilling 

Revisions made to 09-15-15, 09-15-16 (new), and 09-15-50. 

These policies were revised together (or created new) because of their environmental​ aspects. Revisions to form DT1553 and instructions form DT1553i were also needed because of the revision to question #17. Additional revisions were made for clarity.

Comments may still be made though June 16 to the same email address listed above. 

Revisions to 09-15-15 were necessary because ​​DNR’s Office of Energy stopped reviewing WisDOT utility permits for wetland​/waterway issues on May 15. This led WisDOT to develop a new process with 09-15-16 to handle it internally. Plus, we included other required environmental coordination topics to create a comprehensive checklist, but one that should be easy to use.

The environmental coordination process should not be anything new to utilities. Question #17 on the present DT1553 form relates to this subject. The new 09-15-16 checklist will be required to submit as part of the permit application form. While people may think the level of effort has increased from checking one box on the form to many on the checklist, a utility's responsibility to perform an environmental review with its project is still the same. How​​ever, the checklist will help with keeping the review more structured and provide helpful links to various sources of information from other regulatory agencies.

Revisions to 09-15-50 were made as part of the new process in 09-15-16 and to update old contact information.

WisDOT plans to publish these policy and permit application form revisions in late June. However, checklist submittal would not be fully implemented for one month to give utilities time to familiarize themselves with the process.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Bob Fasick​ (608) 266-3438
Kathy Jennings (608) 261-8976

​(​Also known as Highway Maintenance Manual - Chapter 9, Section 15​)

Title Subject No.
(Effective date)
Past Version
(Effective date)
​Entire Utility Accommodation​ ​​Policy​
April 2022
March 2022
See individual subject numbers below
Purpose and General Policy 09-15-01
July 2016
August 2014
Statutes and Definitions 09-15-05
July 2016
August 2014
Compliance 09-15-10
December 2010
Permit Process, Application Form & Instructions 09-15-15
July 2017
August 2014
Expedited Service Connection Permits
Current list of approved utility companies and ESCP number
July 2017
July 2016
Location Requirements 09-15-25
July 2017
December 2010
Structure Attachments 09-15-30
December 2010
Survey Monument Protection 09-15-35
August 2021
December 2010
Controlled-Access Highways 09-15-40
October 2020​
March 2020​
​Cellular Facilities 09-15-41
June 2021
December 2020
​Broadband Deployment Program
April 2022
New policy

June 2021
October 2019
​Environmental Conditions 09-15-50
December 2010
Erosion Control and Stormwat​​​er Management 09-15-55
December 2010
​​Work Zone Traffic Control 09-15-60
December 2010
​​Work Zone Field Manual
Work Zone Safety Booklet ​may be used on very small projects
July 2020
June 2019
​​Traffic Control, 2-Lane Roundabout​ SD 15D-37
May 2020

Traffic Control, Other Standard Detail Drawings SD 15D-00
Flagging Handbook FH
January 2020
March 2011
​Requirements for Specific Utilities 09-15-65
August 2021
July 2016
WisDOT Utility Permit Staff Directory
Includes region boundary map
March​ 2022
January 2022

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​Work zone requirements and training

See the main State ROW permits page for information on this topic.​​​