Utility accommodation policy

​(Also known as Highway Maintenance Manual - Chapter 9, Section 15)

Subject # Title Current Previous Revisions
​09-15-00​Entire Utility Accommodation Policy Mar 2020Oct 2019See individual subj#
09-15-01Purpose and General Policy Jul 2016 Aug 2014 View
09-15-05Statutes and Definitions Jul 2016 Aug 2014 View
09-15-10Compliance Dec 2010
09-15-15Permit Process, Application Form & Instructions Jul 2017 Aug 2014 View
09-15-20Expedited Service Connection Permits
Current list of approved utility companies and ESCP number
Jul 2017 Jul 2016 View
09-15-25Location Requirements Jul 2017 Dec 2010
09-15-30Structure Attachments Dec 2010
09-15-35Survey Monument Protection Dec 2010
09-15-40Controlled-Access HighwaysMar 2020 Jul 2016 View
​09-15-41​Cellular Facilities
Mar 2020 New policy
09-15-45Construction Oct 2019 Jul 2017 View
09-15-50Environmental Conditions Dec 2010
09-15-55Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Dec 2010
09-15-60Work Zone Traffic Control Dec 2010
Work Zone Traffic Control Safety Booklet** Mar 2013Jan 2006 Not available
​Traffic Control, 2-Lane RoundaboutSD 15D-37
​Other Standard Detail Traffic Control DrawingsSD 15D-00
Flagging Handbook** Jan 2020 Mar 2011 Not available
09-15-65Requirements for Specific Utilities Jul 2016 Dec 2010 View
09-15-70WisDOT Utility Permit Staff Directory and
Region Boundary Map
Jul 2019 Apr 2018 View

** Please discard old versions of these booklets. The flagging handbook may be used now without flagger certification.

NEW: The entire Utility Accommodation Policy has been organized into one PDF file for easy searches.

Small wireless facilities in WisDOT right-of-way (NEW)

Under Wis. Stat. s. 66.0414(2)(c), WisDOT charges wireless providers a nondiscriminatory fee for the installation of small wireless facilities on utility poles or third party utility poles in state trunk highway (STH) right-of-way (ROW). By statute, the cost of this annual fee is $20 multiplied by the number of small wireless facilities in STH ROW. To assist wireless providers in assessing this annual cost, WisDOT is using this webpage to publish the current tally. As of 3/2/2020, the number of small wireless facilities permitted in STH ROW is 3. An application fee is also charged. See HMM 09-15-41 for more information.  


Work zone requirements and training (NEW)

See the main State ROW permits page for information on this topic.