Utility accommodation policy

​(Also known as Highway Maintenance Manual - Chapter 9, Section 15)

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09-15-05Statutes and Definitions Jul 2016 Aug 2014 View
09-15-10Compliance Dec 2010
09-15-15Permit Process, Application Form & InstructionsJul 2017 Aug 2014 View
09-15-20Expedited Service Connection Permits Jul 2017 Jul 2016 View
09-15-25Location Requirements Jul 2017Dec 2010
09-15-30Structure Attachments Dec 2010
09-15-35Survey Monument Protection Dec 2010
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09-15-50Environmental Conditions Dec 2010
09-15-55Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Dec 2010
09-15-60Work Zone Traffic Control Dec 2010
Work Zone Traffic Control Safety Booklet* Mar 2013Jan 2006N.A.
​Traffic Control, 2-Lane RoundaboutSDD 15D-37
Flagger Handbook* Mar 2011
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09-15-70WisDOT Utility Permit Staff Directory and
Region Boundary Map
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New:  A summary of the July 2017 policy revisions is listed below. Please note that the utility application/permit form dt1553 has also been revised along with its instructions dt1553i. The revised application/permit form should be used for any new utility work starting August 1, 2017. 

Information:  2018 Transportation Region Utility Conference permit and accommodation policy presentation.

July 2017 utility accommodation policy revisions summary


(1.2) Language added to match new application/permit form and to affirm that a change in utility ownership means a permit terminates and the new owner must secure its own permit to continue operating and maintaining its facilities in WisDOT ROW.

(2.2) Language added and revised to bring section up to date with current electronic processing of permit applications.


(Attachment 1) Example redesigned to match the new application/permit form.


(2.2) Added new language on overhead clearance requirements for oversize vehicles on high clearance routes to assist freight management and reduce the number of utility hits throughout Wisconsin.

(Figure 1) Clearance diagrams amended to match language revision in 2.2

(5.0) New language written to provide guidance on placement of utilities near intersections and roundabouts, which includes a new example roundabout diagram.


(2.0) Section was revised to reflect WisDOT’s current vegetation management practices on utility projects with emphasis on electric transmission line projects.

(2.1) New section developed for cutting/spraying guidelines that WisDOT has been using for a number of years, but had yet to be placed in the policy.

(3.3) Section title revised from Subsurface Utility Excavation (SUE) to Potholing. WisDOT thanks former FHWA utility engineer Paul Scott, who recommended this change since SUE now has the connotation of Subsurface Utility Engineering. Other parts of the section were revised to match the potholing topic. The Basic Potholing Steps in Table 1 were also revised to active tense.

(3.5) WisDOT receives periodic inquiries on its casing policy, and this guidance had never been written into the policy until now.

(Attachment 1) The Utility Permit Start Work Notice was revised to list just the general email address for each WisDOT region office. This minimizes efforts to revise the form each time a staff member changes. A list of all utility permit staff is still provided in 09-15-70.