Utility accommodation policy

​(Also known as Highway Maintenance Manual - Chapter 9, Section 15)

Subject # Title Current Previous Revisions
​09-15-00​Entire Utility Accommodation Policy Oct 2019
09-15-01Purpose and General Policy Jul 2016 Aug 2014 View
09-15-05Statutes and Definitions Jul 2016 Aug 2014 View
09-15-10Compliance Dec 2010
09-15-15Permit Process, Application Form & Instructions Jul 2017 Aug 2014 View
09-15-20Expedited Service Connection Permits Jul 2017 Jul 2016 View
09-15-25Location Requirements Jul 2017 Dec 2010
09-15-30Structure Attachments Dec 2010
09-15-35Survey Monument Protection Dec 2010
09-15-40Controlled-Access Highways Jul 2016 Nov 2011 View
​09-15-41​Cellular Facilities (Under development)
09-15-45Construction Oct 2019 Jul 2017 View
09-15-50Environmental Conditions Dec 2010
09-15-55Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Dec 2010
09-15-60Work Zone Traffic Control Dec 2010
Work Zone Traffic Control Safety Booklet* Mar 2013Jan 2006 Not available
​Traffic Control, 2-Lane RoundaboutSD 15D-37
​Other Standard Detail Traffic Control DrawingsSD 15D-00
Flagging Handbook* Jan 2020 Mar 2011 Not available
09-15-65Requirements for Specific Utilities Jul 2016 Dec 2010 View
09-15-70WisDOT Utility Permit Staff Directory and
Region Boundary Map
Jul 2019 Apr 2018 View

 *Please discard old versions of these booklets. The flagging handbook may be used now without flagger certification.

NEW: The entire Utility Accommodation Policy has been organized into one PDF file for easy searches.

FYI:  2019 Transportation Region Utility Conference permit and accommodation policy presentation.

Work zone requirements and training (NEW)

See the main State ROW permits page for information on this topic.