Federal medical certificate (Fed Med card) and your Commercial Driver License (CDL) – what you need to know

Federal and state reg​ulations require all commercial drivers to certify their tier of operation – the type of operation in which they are engaged. Based on that certification, some drivers will be required to provide a copy of their Fed Med card to the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (WI DMV). ​

What has ​not changed?

Rules concerning which drivers need a federal medical certificate (Fed Med card) with them while operating a commercial vehicle are not changing.

What has changed? 

If you drive a commercial vehicle, federal regulations require you to tell DMV where you drive. DMV calls this process selecting a tier of operation. You will need to tell us whether you:

  • Drive interstate (you or your load cross state lines)
  • Need to carry a Fed Med card ​

​When is this h​appening?

All CDL holders were required to certify their tier of operation (where they drive) by January 30, 2014. Drivers are required to certify their tier upon original (first time) issuance of a CDL, renewal, change of authority, or out-of-state transfer. 

What should​ you do?

  • Learn more about selecting your tier of operation 
  • If you need to change your current tier of operation or you have not yet selected a tier, you will need to appear in person at your local DMV customer service center, select your tier​ by completing the Commercial Driver Certification: Tier of Operation form MV3230 ​and provide your Fed Med card​ (if required). 
  • If you have a Fed Med card and are 21 or older, choose Interstate Fed Med ("Tier 1"). Tier 1 is the most flexible option; it covers you anywhere you operate - in state or out of state.
  • If you are under 21 or you don’t have a Fed Med card or drive intrastate (you or your load never cross state lines), you will select a different tier. Other tiers restrict where you operate and are not as flexible as Tier 1.

Online​ service

  • If you are currently certified as Tier 1, use our online application to update your current Fed Med card or view and print your tier of operation.
  • If you are currently certified as Tier 2, 3 or 4 you may use our online application to view and print verification of your current tier. ​

​For more i​nformation

For Fed Med questions and submissions:

Phone  (608) 267-2290
Fax  (608) 261-8201