Plate to transfer restrictions

License plate eligibility for online plate to transfer

The following plates cannot ​be transferred online​:

Standard design plates

  • Amateur Radio
  • Antique
  • Collector
  • Collector Special
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Ex-Prisoner of War
  • Firefighter
  • Gold Star
  • Historic Military Vehicle
  • Hobbyist
  • Rescue Squad Member
  • Municipal
  • Tribal License Plates
  • Special X
  • Special Z
  • Any personalized license plate

Heavy Truck, Truck Tractor and Trailer License plates stay with the vehicle when sold and cannot be transferred.

Other conditions may prevent you from using the online service. When this occurs, a message will display with instructions.

If you have a plate type that cannot be transferred with this online service, complete form MV1 Wisconsin Title and License Plate Application. You can mail the form with any required fee.​

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