Night safety

It is very important that you are visible when walking or biking at night. Follow these rules to stay safe.
When you walk
Child in safety vest

  • Make it easy to be seen. Wear light or bright colored clothes, something reflective, or carry a light, especially at night.
  • Be intentional showing you want to cross, wave an outstretched arm.
  • Use flags if available
  • Make eye contact
  • Cross at crosswalks and corners
On your bike
Bike light image

  • Must have a bike light attached to the front
  • Must have a red rear reflector
  • A steady or flashing red rear light is optional
Child on bike with reflective vest

  • Make sure to wear something reflective: a vest, an arm band.
Child dressed in dark colors 
  • Don’t wear black or other dark colors. You want to be as visible as possible.