Meaning of signs

It is important to know and follow all street signs at all times

Sign matching game

stop sign image

Stop Sign: Stop and wait for when there are no cars in your path. Make sure to check BOTH ways before you cross the street.

stop ahead sign

Stop Ahead: Stop and wait for when there are no cars in your path. Make sure to check BOTH ways before you cross the street.

yield sign image

Yield: Slow down and wait to cross. Make sure to check BOTH ways before you cross the street.

dead end sign

Dead End: This means that the road is coming to an end. This would require you to turn around and start moving in the opposite direction.

no left turn sign

No Left Turns: You can’t turn left on this road. Usually you would see these on highway or main road.

no u-turn sign

No U-turns: You can’t do a U-turn on this road. A U-turn is used by bikers and drivers when they wish to turn around and go on the other side of the road.

bike lane sign

Bike Lane: This means that it is ok for you to bike in this lane. DO NOT walk in this lane.

one way sign

One Way: This means that you can only move in one direction on this street. Make sure that you pay attention to what direction the traffic is going. Pedestrians are not included in this rule, just bikers and drivers.

railroad crossing sign

Railroad Crossing: These are found by train tracks and are used to alert bikers and pedestrians to be careful. When a train is coming, there will usually be lights flashing or a bar will come down to block your way. DO NOT cross the tracks if you see a train coming. Wait for it to pass, and then continue on your way.

roundabout sign

Roundabout: This sign lets you know when you are about to enter a roundabout. Follow the rules for roundabouts to make your way around it.

school zone

School Zone: You will see these around your school. They are used to notify drivers that you will be crossing the street. Drivers are required to slow down in these zones, but continue to be careful when crossing the street.

construction zone sign

Construction Zone: These are found around construction areas. Be extra careful of equipment and trash when biking through these areas.

right lane ends sign

Right Lane Ends: This means that you have to change lanes if you are on the right hand side of the road.

Stop lights

stop light image

Red: When you see this, you have to stop.
Yellow: When you see this, you have to slow down and come to a stop before the light turns red.
Green: When you see this, you don’t have to stop or slow down. Continue to move forward.

Crosswalk lights

Don't walk light

Red Hand: DO NOT walk across the street if you see this.
red hand and timer crosswalk light

Flashing Red Hand or Timer: This tells you when your time is almost up for crossing the street. If you see this, and you are in the middle of the street, hurry but do not run to the other side. If you see this and you are waiting to cross, DO NOT attempt to walk across the street because there is not enough time for you to make it to the other side safely.

Walk light

Person Walking or Walk: You can safely cross the street when you can see this. However, still be careful of drivers.