Antique license plates

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​Vehicles that qualify

A motor vehicle, including a motorcycle, which has a model year of 1945 or earlier and which has not been altered or modified from the original manufacturer's specifications qualifies for Antique license plates.

Things you should know:

  • A vehicle with Antique license plates can only be driven for special occasions, such as display and parade purposes, or for necessary testing, maintenance and storage purposes.
  • The registration is valid while the vehicle is owned by the applicant without the payment of any additional fee.
  • A person who registers an antique motor vehicle may display a historical plate from or representing the model year of the vehicle if the registration and plates issued by DOT are simultaneously carried in the vehicle or, in the case of an antique motorcycle, carried with the vehicle and are available for inspection.
  • Antique plates cannot be personalized.

How to apply

Antique plates are not available or processed at DMV customer service centers. All applications must be mailed to the address below.

If the vehicle you want to register with Antique​ license plates is already titled in your name, send:

  1. A completed form Antique License Plate Information and Application MV2593
  2. $5 registration fee

If the vehicle has not been titled in your name in Wisconsin, send:

  1. A completed title application Wisconsin Title & License Plates Application MV1, or MV11 for dealer sales, ​including all other fees due
  2. The Certificate of Title assigned to you
  3. $5 registration fee

Send check or money order payable to: Registration Fee Trust

Mail with payment to:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Special Plates Unit
P.O. Box 7911
Madison, WI 53707-7911

​​For more information:

Special Plates Unit
Email Wisconsin DMV email service
Phone (608) 266-3041
Fax (608) 267-5106