Bicycle maps

Bicyclist riding in bike lane Wisconsin State Bicycle Map

The 2020 Wisconsin State Bike Map is a set of four two-sided maps published and distributed through the Wisconsin Bike Fed with information provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). This map classifies state and county roads through out the state in terms of bicycling conditions. It also identifies bicycle and mountain bike trails. Town roads are identified with their road names and surface type.

Wisconsin county bicycle maps

WisDOT also has downloadable bike maps for each of Wisconsin's 72 counties. These county maps are based on the 2020 Wisconsin State Bike Map. The county maps highlight the most favorable bicycling conditions while presenting the full continuum of roadways - from narrow town roads to US Highways. This approach enables cyclists of all abilities to select their ow​n routes to meet their individual transportation and recreational needs.

Local bicycle maps

Information about local bicycle maps and routes is available on this WisDOT website. Some of the bike maps created by Wisconsin counties and communities can be downloaded while contact information is provided for others.   

Great River Road Bicycle Map

The Great River Road Bicycle Map (Updated 2021) depicts conditions for bicycling on the Great River Road and nearby roadways. Touring cyclists can ride the entire Wisconsin segment or choose smaller segments that are better suited to their experience level.

U.S Bike Route (USBR) 30 and USBR 230

U.S. Bike Route (USBR) 30 and USBR 230 are part of the national network of bicycle routes. USBR 30, crosses the state from east to west beginning in Milwaukee at Lake Michigan and ending in Bluff Siding, on the Mississippi River. USBR 230 is an alternate route for use when the Merrimac Ferry (Colsac III) at WIS 113 is not in operation.

Other Wisconsin bicycle maps/guides

The Department of Tourism offers the 2020 Wisconsin Biking Guide, a detailed guide showing bike touring trails, on-road routes and mountain bike trail systems. 

The Department of Tourism also provides information about Wisconsin bicycle trails and bike routes.

The Department of Natural Resources also provides abundant information about trails in the state.

The Adventure Cycling Association provides route information for bicycling across the United States.