School bus drivers

("S" endorsement on driver license)

​Requirements to become a school bus driver:​​

  • Pass a criminal background check at original issuance of a school bus "S" endorsement, at each renewal and every four years (at the mid-point of the term of the license).

  • Have no felony convictions that disqualify you from holding a school bus endorsement​ (see School Bus Disqualifications MV3740​).

  • Complete a self-certification form declaring you are conviction free and provide information to the state if you have not been a Wisconsin resident in the previous two years. This pre-screening is to be used by both the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and school bus companies who employ the drivers.

  • Submit to fingerprinting for a criminal background check if you have lived out-of-state in the previous two years. (The cost for this requirement is the driver's responsibility.)

  • Notify your employer in writing within ten days of any accident or conviction that makes you ineligible to hold the school bus endorsement, or of any license withdrawal from Wisconsin or any other state.

  • Meet the physical/medical standards for school bus endorsements by providing either a current Fed Med card or a Physical Examination Report for S or P Endorsement MV3030B​​.​

The interactive driver licensing guide is a helpful tool for those looking for information on commercial driving requirements. The guide will provide you with a checklist of requirements, and allow you to pre-fill any required application(s) before visiting a DMV Customer Service Center. Depending on your eligibility, you may also be able to use the guide to electronically submit your application(s) and schedule an appointment with the DMV for expedited service.

Fee information for an original license, a renewal license or for adding an "S" endorsement (change of ​authority).

School bus endorsement links:

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  • Check the status of your license​ - Use this application to check your status, license expiration date, tier level and to see when your next physical and DMV testing will be​ due.

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