Full reciprocity

Full Reciprocity simplification to IRP!

Cab-cards now show all jurisdictions! No more "add state or province." No more "over 100 percent fees" for added jurisdictions. If you have IRP, no more trip permits. This is true IRP-wide. All states and provinces have implemented this. This is referred to as Full Reciprocity or the Full Reciprocity Plan.

The Full Reciprocity Plan (FRP), which became effective Jan. 1, 2015, has made the Plan more efficient, more equitable and more flexible for its member jurisdictions and registrants by granting full reciprocity for all apportioned vehicles in all member IRP jurisdictions and removing from the Plan any provisions related to estimated distance. First time registrants are registered in all member jurisdictions allowing them the opportunity to travel in any of the participating jurisdictions. However, registrants will only pay fees to those jurisdictions where distance was accrued during the fleet's reporting period.

How this works

If you have previous IRP history, you will need to report the actual miles for the preceding year (July 1-June 30) or portion thereof.

If you have no actual distance to report, Wisconsin will calculate fees for all 59 member jurisdictions using the average per vehicle distance chart (AVDC).

Average per vehicle distance vs actual miles

In most cases you will need to file actual miles, when applying for registration, when you are establishing a fleet where the vehicles that make up the fleet have been apportioned and have accrued mileage during the July-June reporting period.

Conversely, if you are establishing a fleet where the vehicles have not accrued mileage (e.g., newly purchased vehicles) and you have exercised no control over the vehicles during the reporting period, the average per vehicle distance chart should be used.

The establishment of a new fleet does not in itself allow the applicant to ignore previous mileage history and file the application with the AVDC. When a vehicle(s) was previously leased to another apportioned carrier and that vehicle(s) is now seeking to establish a fleet, actual distance accrued during the reporting period should be used to establish the new fleet.

If you have questions regarding whether you should be filing actual miles or using the AVDC on your application, please contact us.

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