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​​​​​Wisconsin law provides the rules of the road for proper highway etiquette. Any time you encounter another vehicle, bicyclist or pedestrian, one of you must yield the right of way. If you disobey these rules, you're not only driving aggressively, you're breaking the law.


Any person, no matter where they live, who is convicted of certain traffic violations (see chart below) in Wisconsin is required to successfully complete a Right-of-Way course, sometimes called a Failure-to-Yield course. 
  • Wisconsin DMV will notify you (by mail or email if you are an eNotify subscriber).
  • You must complete the course within 6 months of the date of that letter or email. 
    • Your driving privilege will be suspended if you don’t complete the course before the 6 months are up.
    • If your license has already been suspended, you will need to complete the course before you can reinstate.

Course information

  • Courses are available online and in-person classroom (see tab below)
  • Completion of a Failure to Yield/Right of Way course through a private driver training school will not reduce your demerit point total. 
  • Traffic Safety courses enable drivers to reduce demerit points assessed against their driving privilege. 
    • The entire Traffic Safety course must be completed to satisfy the Right-of-Way course requirement. 
    • This Traffic Safety course may also reduce your point total by three points. See Wisconsin’s Point System for more information​.

Below, you will find a list of approved online right-of-way courses. Click on the links to compare course information and fees.  Most courses can be completed within 2 hours. The course provider will report completion to the DMV within 24 hours.

You may also complete the right-of-way course in a classroom setting.  Use the interactive map below to find the nearest location. Call the driving school for course schedules and fees.
onlineonline 001-Failure-to-Yield-Course
onlineonline 0-Hidden-Fees-2-Hour-Video-Course
onlineonline 10 Dollar Online Course
onlineonline 1AAA-All-American Driver Training
onlineonline 1st Rate Driving School, LLC
onlineonline 2A-Quick-Course
onlineonline 2Cool Traffic School
onlineonline 2-Hour-Online-Course
online A1-Approved-Course
AAA Driver Training
onlineonline AABCDrivingSchools.com
onlineonline accountabledrivered.com
onlineonline Affordable Traffic Safety Course
onlineonline Approved Easy, Cheap and Fast Failure to Yield Course
onlineonline A Star Driver Education
onlineonline Aaron's Right of Way Course
onlineonline At Your Pace Online
onlineonline Cheap Traffic School
onlineonline DNL Professional Driving School
onlineonline Door County Driver Education
onlineonline Drivers Edvantage Driving School
onlineonline Dunn Right Driving School
onlineonline Four Lakes Driver Training School
onlineonline Just Drive
onlineonline KC's Driving School
onlineonline Kinni Driving School
onlineonline Lada Driver School, LLC
onlineonline Madison Driver Training Academy
Nexlearn Drivesafe Online Failure to Yield Right of Way
online Online Traffic Education
Rapid Traffic School
onlineonline RyO's Driving School
onlineonline Safe2Drive

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The suspension lasts up to 5 years if the course is not completed in 6 months. You will be able to reinstate your license after you successfully complete the course.

  • If the violation involved great bodily harm, the mandatory suspension is for 3 months and begins on the date of conviction
  • If the violation involved death, the mandatory suspension is for 9 months and begins on the date of conviction

For convictions resulting from violations prior to Dec. 2, 2017:

  • If the violation involves bodily harm, the mandatory suspension is for 2 months and is effective the date of conviction
  • If the violation involves great bodily harm, the mandatory suspension is for 3 months and is effective the date of conviction
  • If the violation involves death, the mandatory suspension is for 9 months and is effective the date of conviction

After successfully completing a Right-of-Way/Failure to Yield course, the instructor will electronically notify the DMV within 24 hours.

Once notification has been provided to the DMV, please check your driving status and eligibility to reinstate your driver license if you have been suspended.

    • If you receive a message that states you must complete a Right-of-Way course to reinstate but you have already completed the course, you must contact your course provider to submit proof to DMV

​​Violations that require a Right-of-Way course
Violation​ Points Wisconsin Statutes
Backing Illegally (BI) 2 PTS 346.87
(Commercial) Passing Illegally (CPI/PI)) 3 PTS 346.07(2), 346.07(3), 346.09(1), 346.09(2), 346.09(3), 346.09(4)
Driving on the Wrong Side of the Highway (DWS) 4 PTS 346.05(1), 346.06
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign or Signal (FOS) 3 PTS346.37(1)(c)3, 346.37(1)(d)1, 346.39(1), 346.46(1), 346.46(4)(a)
Failure to Yield Right of Way (FYR) 4 PTS 346.06, 346.18(1), 346.18(2), 346.18(3), 346.18(3m), 346.18(4), 346.18(5), 346.18(6), 346.18(7), 346.18(7)(a), 346.18(7)(b), 346.18(8)(a), 346.18(8)(b), 346.23(1), 346.23(2), 346.37(1)(a)1, 346.37(1)(c)3, 346.37(1)(d)1, 346.47(1), 346.47(2)
Illegal Turn (IT)3 PTS346.31(1), 346.31(2), 346.31(3), 346.31(3)(a), 346.31(3)(b), 346.31(3)(c)


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