Title/registration correction request

​If you recently received a Wisconsin title, Certificate of Vehicle Registration and/or Confirmation of Ownership and there is an error in the information listed, complete Title/Registration Correction Request, form MV1020, and mail with the affected item to the address listed on the form. We will make the correction and send you a new (corrected) title, registration and/or confirmation of ownership.

If your newly issued title/registration was due to a recent vehicle purchase from a Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Dealer, please contact them for assistance. They will initiate the correction request on your behalf.


Adding or deleting a co-owner from a Wisconsin title is considered a transfer of ownership. A properly reassigned title and lien release documents (if applicable) are necessary.

You can save yourself time and money by using our online service, eMV Public that allows you to start the title transfer process yourself.

View information about removing a lien from your title.

View information about vehicle colors used on title and registration documents.

Email Wisconsin DMV email service