Non-operation of a vehicle

If your vehicle has been out of operation for at least one full registration period, you can avoid paying registration fees for the time the vehicle was out of use by completing a non-operation statement. To qualify, your vehicle must have been out of operation from the day after the last registration expired for at least:

  • Twelve months, if the vehicle is registered annually (example: If your last registration expired on June 30, a period of non-operation is valid if the vehicle was not operated after that date until July 1 of the following year, or later).
  • One or more full quarters, if the vehicle is registered quarterly.
  • One or more full months, if the vehicle is registered under the consecutive monthly​ registration program.

How to submit a non-operation statement

  • On the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) website, if you are eligible and choose to renew online​ (this application is not available if your vehicle has been out of operation more than three years from the last registration expiration).
  • On the back of your license plate renewal notice, or by completing the Substitute Renewal Notice/Non-Operation Statement MV2016​, if you renew by mail or in person at a DMV services center that provides registration services.

The regular registration fee for your vehicle is due at the time you apply. Non-DMV registration renewal service providers​ cannot process renewals with a period of non-operation.​

Email Wisconsin DMV email service