Supplemental specifications

Applicable supplemental specifications list

Note to specifier: Line out the Standard Specifications (SS) that are not pertinent, then insert the text of each applicable SS following this page in Segment III of the Bid Proposal.

These Supplemental Specifications are for Non-Primary and State Aid projects using the BOA 1998 Specification Book.

Specification NumberSpecificationEffective date
​SS#1 General requirements and covenants
Always include SS #1 when PWL is used in the contract.
January 2000
​SS#2 P-501, PCC pavement
Include SS #2 only when 1998 gray book P-501 is specified.
January 2000
​SS#3 P-306, Econocrete subbase course
Include SS #3 only when 1998 gray book P-306 is bid.
January 2000
​SS#4 F-162, chain link fences
Include SS #4 only when 1998 gray book F-162 is bid.
July 2001
​SS#5L-125, Installation of airport lighting systems
No longer valid
July 2008
​SS#6 P-625, Coal tar sealcoat
Include SS #6 when coal tar sealcoat is bid. Use "light sand loading" bid item on newly constructed asphalt aprons. Use "heavy sand loading" bid item for existing aprons in fair to poor condition.
March 2003
​SS#7 General requirements and covenants
Include SS #7. State Aid Only
May 2004

Supplemental specification 8 affects three areas

  1. 2005 Wisconsin Act 181 - employers substance abuse program
  2. Updated liquidated damages amounts
  3. Prevailing wage rate and special services definitions added

Include SS #8. State Aid Only

January 2008
​SS#9 70-11 Responsibility for damage and tort claims
Include SS#9 State Aid Only
October 2009