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​​​Building security at Hill Farms State Office Building

Security arrangements are in place at the Hill Farms State Office Building in Madison. When you respond to a solicitation, please allow extra time for hand delivering submittals.​

Qualifications shall be reported on the bureau's Consultant report form. Completed forms can be sent to the bureau's Airport Engineering Section Chief, Matthew Malicki, or mailed to:

Matthew Malicki
Bureau of Aeronautics
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 7914
Madison, WI 53707-7914

#​Location​Service​Letter of interest deadline​Project manager
​1Baraboo-Wisconsin Dells Regional Airport​Services required for this project include development of an airport master plan.​September 24, 2021Josh Holbrook, P.E.
2Ephraim-Gibraltar Airport

Services required for this project will include:

  1. Master Plan Development.
  2. Airports GIS (AGIS) for aeronautical survey, mapping, and obstruction evaluation.
  3. Updating the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) in accordance with the standards outlined in the FAA’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 2.0.
September 24, 2021Greg Stern, P.E.
3Ephraim-Gibraltar Airport

​Services required for this project will include:

Project management of an airport land acquisition project, including providing or subcontracting for professional services and coordination of planning, environmental, surveying, appraisal, negotiation and relocation services, as required, to provide complete and satisfactory completion of the project, and any other necessary related work.

​September 27, 2021Teresa Klein


​John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport​Services required for this project will consist of preparation of planning, design and construction engineering services.​September 29, 2021​Gayle Stearn, P.E.


Sawyer County Municipal Airport

Services required for this project will consist of preparation of plans, specifications, and construction administration.

The proposed improvements are as follows: Rehabilitate Runway 3/21 and associated lighting.

​October 8, 2021​Matt Messina, P.E.