Highway maintenance manual (HMM)

Chapter Subject Historic Chapter Conversions Responsibility
1Interim Policy and ProceduresRebecca Szymkowski
2Administration1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 17, 55, 59John Marchewka
3Emergency Response18Rebecca Szymkowski
4Roadway Maintenance40-48Cody Churchill
5Traffic Services and Safety 51Matt Rauch
6Winter Maintenance 30-39Emil Juni, Cody Churchill
7Roadside Management70-78Christa Schaefer, Mark Polega
8Roadside Facilities80-82John Marchewka
9Right-of-Way Use & Permits91-92Bob Fasick, Kassandra Walbrun


The contents of the Highway Maintenance Manual reflect the policies, guidelines, and practices of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. It is impractical, if not impossible, to compile a manual of this type which addresses or anticipates all possible situations. The information contained within this manual is offered for use in establishing goals and is not meant to be the basis for creating absolute requirements, or minimum standards, except where actual excerpts of state or federal law or administrative rules with the force of law apply. The Department recognizes that the service provider must be able to exercise discretionary judgment in the use or application of this manual.

The existence, distribution, application, and use of this manual does not constitute an acknowledgment or guarantee of outcome, expressed or implied, by the Department or its county service providers.

Certain factors, including but not limited to, weather restrictions and funding or labor shortages, may make​ universal, year-round compliance with the goals expressed within this manual impossible to achieve.