Traffic Analysis, Modeling and Data Management

The Traffic Analysis, Modeling & Data Management program area sets policy to ensure consistent implementation of traffic analysis modeling, traffic impact analyses (TIA), and intersection control evaluations (ICE) within Wisconsin in order to provide the basis for a comprehensive analysis of needs of the existing and future highways. Policies and guidelines are set forth in the Facilities Development Manual (FDM), the TIA Guidelines, and the Traffic Engineering, Operations and Safety (TEOpS) Manual. Other functions of this BTO program area are to provide input on traffic impact analyses, access management, capacity and operability of various roadway configurations, delay impacts, traffic data requirements, traffic modeling software, and to act as a liaison to regional operations regarding traffic data management and analysis topics statewide.

Intersection Control Evaluations (ICE)

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)/Project Traffic Studies (PTSs)

Traffic Analysis Tools

Traffic Model Peer Reviews

HCM Analysis

Microsimulation Analysis

Volume Balancing Tools

Operations Certification Process

Related Forms

  • DT1887 HCM Analysis Review Checklist
  • DT2290 Traffic Model Scope
  • DT2291 Microsimulation Peer Review Report

Data Management

Best Practices