ePay: pay additional fees online

If you received a letter or postcard requesting additional fees, use this online service to pay the remaining balance for:

  • Vehicle title and license plates/registration
  • Disabled parking permits
  • Vehicle record requests
  • Dealer licensing products
  • A letter verifying your Wisconsin driver license status

Note: Please update your address and/or vehicle kept in information before paying fees.

How to use the ePay online service:

  1. Review the letter/postcard
    • Review your letter/postcard to determine if additional action is required.
  2. Locate the envelope number on the letter/postcard. Find the envelope number after the words “PAY ONLINE.” Enter this number after you select “PAY NOW”  below. 

    ePay letter 

  3. Have payment ready. Provide payment information using one of these options:
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit, or debit card. Your credit or debit card will be charged a convenience fee​ for this service.
    • Checking/savings account using ACH (Automated Clearing House) and avoid the convenience fee.

4. Start the online process now

Once payment is complete, your products will be sent to you if no other documents or actions are required (see instructions on letter/postcard). The estimated mail time may be up to 4 weeks.

Start Now

​​ ​

You will be forwarded to U.S. Bank for the collection of your credit/debit card or checking/saving account data so that your payment can be processed. This data is classified as private, and U.S. Bank will only use this data for this DMV purpose.

The online payment is not complete until you receive a confirmation number at the end of the transaction.

This service may not be available on Sundays from 6-9 a.m. due to regular system maintenance.

Don't have an envelope number?

DMV recommends your search for your open payments by the assigned envelope number. However, if you do not know the envelope number, you may be able to search for open payments another way.

You may use ePay open search to search by one of the following:

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • License plate number
  • Driver license number of vehicle title/registration owner
  • Social security number, name, and date of birth of vehicle title/registration owner
  • FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) of vehicle title/registration owner
    • If an FEIN is used for your organization under different names or addresses, you will not be able to use this search
  • Wisconsin motor vehicle dealer number (MV#) of vehicle title/registration owner
  • Wisconsin DMV-assigned secured party number of vehicle title/registration owner

Use ePay open search.

Go paperless New Postcards
If you are eligible to renew your license plates online, you may also be eligible to receive renewal notices by email instead of receiving paper notices. See eNotify for more information.


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