Connected and Automated Vehicles

​Law Enforcement and First Responders​

As Wisconsin law enforcement and first responders will be the first to encounter automated vehicles on the road, it is a priority to provide them with information and training so they can manage these vehicles quickly and safely. WisDOT has created one of the first CAV training package​​s of its kind for the TIME coalition of law enforcement and first responders.​

TIME – Traffic Incident Management Enhancement coalition

WisDOT Emergency Traffic Control and Scene Management Guidelines were established to provide incident responders within the state of Wisconsin a uniform approach to emergency traffic control and scene management. Having a uniform approach will help provide the safest possible work environment for all Wisconsin incident responders, while minimizing the risk of secondary crashes.

Law enforcement and first responder training module

It is critical that law enforcement and first responders be informed and trained on how to manage automated or semi-automated vehicles on the roadway or at a crash scene. Semi-automated vehicles are already on the road and traveling to all corners of the state. WisDOT is working with the TIME coalition to keep these groups informed of the latest developments in CAVs. Law enforcement and first responders can obtain CAV training through the TIME coalition.

Law enforcement and first responder training package

A sample of the full CAV training program can be downloaded here. It is recommended that you contact the TIME coalition to arrange training with a TIM trainer; however, the Law Enforcement and First Responder training PowerPoint file will have all the information in the notes needed to deliver the training package without any previous CAV background.

For questions or to receive the PowerPoint slides of the first responder training, contact Brad Basten at

Law Enforcement and First Responder training file

  • Training slides covering basic connected and automated vehicle information, state statutes, technology on the road and Racine Badger automated vehicle demonstration.

Law Enforcement and First Responder resource card

  • Manufacture contact information for leading AVs on the road and extensive resource material links

Law Enforcement and First Responder visor card

  • Summary of manufacturers contact information for quick in-vehicle reference

Training feedback survey

  • Feedback survey to be used with TIME training course for continuous improvement.

Training question template

  • Question template for classroom notes or to send to course creators for answers to questions not covered in the course.

Law Enforcement related resources

To secure a vehicle, contact the manufacturers listed in the documents below.

Manufacturer contacts and training information:

Waymo (877) 503-0840 (24hr hotline)

Waymo Emergency Response Guide and Law Enforcement Interaction Protocol. This 37-page guide includes vehicle diagrams, and emergency and towing information.

Waymo First Responders Training – video

Cruise (888) 662-7103 (24hr hotline)

Non-urgent email inquiries
Interacting with a Cruise Autonomous Vehicle: A Guide for First Responders - video

Cruise - resource webpage for first responders

Cruise First Responder Guidance for Driverless Vehicle Program This 24-page guide includes vehicle diagrams, and emergency and towing information.

Tesla (877) 798-3752 (24hr hotline)

First Responders | Tesla

The Tesla webpage for first responders includes a 31-page Emergency Response Guide and 4-page Quick Response Sheet for each vehicle model. The guide includes vehicle diagrams including stored energy, and emergency and towing information.

Research for law enforcement and first responders:

NCHRP Project: 20-102(16) Preparing TIM Responders for Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles​​