Connected and Automated Vehicles

Communications and Outreach

Communications and Outreach is one of the most important initiatives the department can provide to the general public. These new technologies are complex and not well under​stood and have the potential to provide many benefits when adopted responsibly. WisDOT has chartered external advisory committees to gather input from transportation experts and state associations.

OutreachConnected and Automated Vehicle classroom

WisDOT has presented information on CAV related topics on request with numerous groups including:

  • Wisconsin Automated Connected Electric and Shared mobility technologies forum (W​I ACES AV forum)
  • Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety (GCHS)
  • Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) / Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA)
  • Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA)
  • University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Institute for Physical Infrastructure and Transportation (IPIT)
  • Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (TIME) for first responders

External advisory committees

WAVE – external advisory committee
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has formed the Wisconsin Automated Vehicle External (WAVE) Advisory Committee to gather stakeholder input and advice on CAV-related planning priorities, implementation policies, and impacts on the state’s transportation system. Members come from the private sector, non-profit groups, various associations, academia and other government agencies.
Wisconsin Department of Transportation Wisconsin Automated Vehicle External Advisory Committee

Wisconsin Non-Driver Advisory Committee – external advisory committee
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) formed the Wisconsin Non-Driver Advisory Committee (WiNDAC) in spring 2020 as an advisory forum to discuss transportation mobility, safety and access for Wisconsin’s non-driving populations. Non-driving populations can include aging adults, students, low-income individuals, those with physical, mental or intellectual/developmental disabilities, and those who prefer not to drive.
Non-drivers face daily challenges to get to where they want to go. This diverse committee identifies transportation barriers for non-drivers and develops recommendations to reduce these challenges and improve mobility for all travelers in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Department of Transportation Wisconsin Non-Driver Advisory Committee

Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MoSAC)
MoSAC advises the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on motorcycle safety issues. MoSAC also promotes the safest possible riding environment by sharing best practices and leading the nation in motorcycle safety innovation.
Wisconsin Department of Transportation Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MoSAC)

Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (TIME)
Traffic Incident Management, or TIM is a coordinated multi-disciplinary process to detect, respond to, and clear traffic incidents so that traffic flow may be restored as safely and quickly as possible.
The TIME Program is a comprehensive multi-agency, multi-discipline program, led by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, dedicated to:

  • Improving responder safety
  • Enhancing the safe, quick clearance of traffic incidents
  • Supporting prompt, reliable, interoperable communications

Wisconsin Department of Transportation Programs - Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (TIME)

Communications plan
In the Communications and Outreach plan, WisDOT has identified stakeholders who are interested in the development of CAV technology and its effects on transportation. It is the department’s goal to provide information and resources for those stakeholders in Wisconsin.
Connected and Automated Vehicle Technology Communications and Outreach Strategy

Media contacts
The technology of connected and automated vehicles changes rapidly and having up-to-date information is important. We welcome inquiries from the media or general public to discuss the latest in CAV advancements and issues.
Wisconsin Department of Transportation Media contacts