Flexible pavements

​​​Research focused on improving the design, construction and performance of long-lived, quality hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavements in Wisconsin. Investigates compaction, binders, overlays, implementation of the Mechanistic Empirical Design Guide (MEPDG) and more.

Please visit the Wisconsin Digital Archives​ or contact staff at research@dot.wi.gov for research published before FFY 2014.

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​Benchmarking Delta Tc (ΔTc) for Wisconsin Materials
Principal Investigator: Thomas Bennert, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

WisDOT Contact: Erik Lyngdal (erik.lyngdal@dot.wi.gov)

Request for Proposal​

​Balanced Mixture Design Pilot and Field Test Sections
Principal Investigator: Randy West, NCAT at Auburn University

WisDOT Contact: Tirupan Mandal (tirupan.mandal@dot.wi.gov)

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​Interlayer Mixture Design
Principal Investigator: Donald Christensen, Advanced Asphalt Technologies, Inc.

WisDOT Contact: Tirupan Mandal (tirupan.mandal@dot.wi.gov)

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Completed research

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​Expansion of AASHTOWare ME Design Inputs

Final ReportResearch Brief

​Material Specifications for Longitudinal Joint Construction, Remediation and Maintenance
Final​​ reportResearch brief
​Balanced Mixture Design Implementation Support

Final reportResearch brief

​Recycled Asphalt Binder Study

Final reportResearch brief


​Rubber Asphalt Study for Wisconsin

Final reportResearch brief


​Enhanced Moisture Sensitivity Study

Final reportResearch brief


​Investigation of In-Service Pavement Performance

Final report


​Investigation of Tack Coat Materials on Tracking Performance

Final reportResearch brief


​Evaluation of WisDOT Quality Management Program (QMP) Activities and Impacts on Pavement Performance

Final reportResearch brief


​Regressing Air Voids for Balanced HMA Mix Design Study

Final reportResearch brief


​Field Aging and Oil Modification Study

Final reportResearch brief


​Asphaltic Binder Extraction Protocol for Determining Amount & PG Characteristics of Asphaltic Mixtures

Final reportResearch brief

0092-15-04Analysis and Feasibility of Asphalt Pavement Performance-Based Testing Specifications for WisDOT

Final reportResearch brief
0092-14-06​Critical Factors Affecting Asphalt Concrete Durability

Final reportResearch brief
​0092-15-09​Wisconsin Department of Transportation Asphaltic Mixture New Specifications Implementation - Field Compaction and Density Validation

Final reportResearch brief



Development of Guidelines and Specifications for Use of WMA Technology in Delivering HMA Products Inclusive of Non-Conventional Mixtures Such as SMA’s, and Mixtures with High RAP and High RAS Content

Final reportResearch brief


​Evaluation of Design Criteria and Field Performance of Rubblized Concrete Pavement Systems in Wisconsin - Phase 1

Final report


​Refinement o​f Current WisDOT HMA Mixture App Guidelines Related to NMAS and Aggregate Characteristics

Final reportResearch brief