Research and Library custom search

The Research and Library's custom search feature allows you to focus your search on products published by the research program, including final reports and research briefs. The custom search feature excludes results from elsewhere on the WisDOT website to achieve higher search relevancy.

For best results, or if the search bar does not appear below, please use Google Chrome.

Search tips

  • Search by project number instead of project name (e.g., 0092-14-06 instead of Critical Factors Affecting Asphalt Concrete Durability).
  • Place quotation marks (") around phrases for results with their exact usage (e.g., "Hot mix asphalt" instead of hot mix asphalt).
  • Insert an asterisk (*) to specify unknown or variable words within exact phrases (e.g., "Hot * asphalt").
  • Use the minus sign (-) to eliminate results containing certain words (e.g., Hot mix asphalt -cold).

Please contact Research program staff at for research published before FFY 2006.