Program documents and events

Research program annual reports

Annual reports summarize the research programs activities and accomplishments for each fiscal year, including ongoing and completed research projects.

Peer exchanges

A peer exchange allows WisDOT staff to discuss key issues directly with experts and counterparts from other state transportation agencies. A typical event involves two to three days of facilitated discussion with six to eight invited guests and the same number of WisDOT personnel. Most peer exchanges include a report-out session to a larger number of WisDOT managers. A peer exchange is an ideal method to gain in-depth knowledge from practitioners who may have experience in a topic or process that is new to WisDOT.

Research program peer exchange
As a condition for receiving federal funds, the Federal Highway Administration requires state DOT’s to periodically conduct a peer exchange for the purpose of exchange of information or best practices to improve the program.

Topical peer exchanges

Please contact staff at for reports published before FFY 2014.