​The Wisconsin​ Transportation Library features publications, articles and facts pertaining to Wisconsin transportation history. This resource will draw from the library collections as well as other sources throughout the state as they pertain to Wisconsin transportation history. All materials are properly cited.​

Wisconsin implements first highway numbering system in the United States

  • A 1917 law dictated the State Highway Commission of Wisconsin to create a State Trunk Network and the first highway numbering system in the United States.

First automatic traffic signal in the United States

  • Hugo Kleinstuber invented the first automatic traffic signal in Milwaukee. It was installed on August 12, 1921.

Madison Automobile Census, 1903

  • The article from the Madison Democrat on July 11, 1903 details the nine automobiles existing in city at the time.

Oldest surviving license plate in Wisconsin, 1905

  • The oldest surviving license plate belonged to Fred Luder Jr., a Mount Horeb cheese dealer.