Driver handbooks, publications and forms

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​Driver handbooks

  • Wisconsin Motorists' Handbook (BDS126) ​- The official handbook for the non-commercial driver (Class D driver license).
  • Wisconsin Driver's Book (BDS124) - En español - An easy-to-read driver handbook for the non-commercial driver with limited reading proficiency. The Driver's Book has less-detailed information than the Motorists' Handbook (Class D driver license).
  • Wisconsin Commercial​​ Driver's Manual (BDS356) - En español - This handbook outlines requirements and practices for safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle with a Class A, B or C driver license. It also provides information required to transport passengers, operate combination vehicles, tank vehicles, school bus, vehicles with air brakes and transport hazardous materials.
  • Wisconsin Motorcyclists' Handbook​ (BDS110)​ - En español - The handbook for motorcyclists (Class M motorcycle license).

Practice Knowledge Test for regular (Class D) drivers​

Commercial Driver License (CDL) online practice Knowledge Test



  • DT1435 - Request for Forms
  • MV2896 - Obtaining vehicle or driver record information
  • MV3001 - Wisconsin Driver License Application
  • MV3001S - Solicitud de licencia de conducir de Wisconsin
  • MV3004 - Wisconsin Identification Card (ID) Application
  • MV3004S - Solicitud de tarjeta de identificación de Wisconsin
  • MV3012 - DMV Administrator Petition – Unavailable Documentation
  • MV3012S - Petición al Administrador del DMV – Documentación No Disponible
  • MV3027​ - Occupational Operator License Application
  • MV3030B - Physical examination report for school bus drivers ("S" or "P" endorsement)
  • MV3030V - Driver license vision standards
  • MV3041 - Release of liability (Submitted as evidence that parties involved in a crash have settled damage or injury claims.)​​
  • MV3058 - ​Mailable address change notice
  • MV3069 - Self-insurance certificate application
  • MV3110 - Driver School Application
  • MV3112 - Driver Instructor Application
  • MV3118 - Withdrawing sponsorship (for a young driver)
  • MV3128 ​- Installment Agreement to Pay Accident Damages
  • MV3128s - Convenio De Pagos Para Cubrir Daños De Accidente
  • MV3141 - Driver Condition or Behavior Report - Reporting medically impaired drivers
  • MV3158 - Certificate of Judgment Traffic Accident
  • MV3216 - Security Deposit Assignment and Liability Release
  • MV3230 - Commercial Driver Certification: Tier of Operation
  • MV3264 - Driver Training Vehicle Record
  • MV3309 - Non-Resident CDL Training Certification
  • MV3347 - Emergency Vehicle Involvement
  • MV3454 - Pledge of Confidentiality (Submitted with form MV3141)
  • MV3505 (now BDS361)​ - Occupational license information
  • MV3573 - School/Organization Application - Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver Program​
  • MV3577 - Driver Mandatory Notification
  • MV3581 - Voluntary Temporary Surrender of License
  • MV3587​ - Farm Service Commercial Driver License (CDL) Skill Test Waiver Application
  • MV3588 - Commercial Driver License (CDL) Certification for Military Waiver of Skills Test
  • MV3592 - Request to Withhold Name and Address
  • MV3602 - Registration Reinstatement Application
  • MV3632 - Court Order for IDP Related Offense Driver Assessment and Driver Safety Plan
  • MV3644 - Medical Examination Report (Driving with a medical condition)
  • MV3656 - Evaluation of Personal Injuries
  • MV3657 - Evaluation of Property Damage
  • MV3658 - Evaluation of Motor Vehicle Damage
  • MV3683 - Driver Training School Office Certification
  • MV3684 - Driver Training School Classroom Certification
  • MV3735 - Driver License Hazardous Materials Endorsement Application
  • MV3740 - School Bus or Alternative Vehicle Information Request (includes list of school bus disqualifications)
  • MV3746 - Certificate of Substance Examination by Competent Authority
  • MV3754 - Wisconsin Crash Data Extract Request
  • MV3755 - Driver School Bond Alternative
  • MV3756 - Driver Training Schools/Instructors Complaint
  • MV3757 - Driver Training School Checklist
  • SP35​74​ - Instructor Application - Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver Program

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