Medal of Honor license plates

Medal of Honor license plate 


The Medal of Honor license plate is a special plate type issued to any Wisconsin resident awarded the Medal of Honor. The applicant for Medal of Honor plates must be the vehicle owner, lessee or the beneficiary of a trust that owns or leases the vehicle.

Things you should know: 

  • There are no issuance or registration fees and the plates do not expire. 
  • Medal of Honor plates are transferable to another qualifying vehicle. 
  • Medal of Honor plates cannot be personalized. 
  • Plates may be transferred to the surviving spouse or the plate holder and still remain at no fee. 
  • No special parking privileges are provided with Medal of Honor​ plates. See disa​bled parking identification permits​ for information about special parking privileges for persons with disabilities that impair the ability to walk. 
  • Personalized plates are not available for Medal of Honor license plates.
  • See below for information about other service related special license plates. ​ 

For more information, visit personalized and special plates FAQs​.

​How to apply:

Medal of Honor license plates are not available at local DMV customer service centers. To apply, send the following items:

  1. ​If th​​​​e vehicle you want to register with Medal of Honor plates is already titled/registered in your name, send:
    • Proof of eligibility: DD214/DD215 showing the Medal of Honor award or a copy of official orders
    • A copy of your Certificate of Registration
  2. If the vehicle is not titled/registered in your name, send: ​
    • ​​A completed Wisconsin Title & License Plates Application MV1, or MV11 for dealer sales, including all other fees due
    • Proof of eligibility: DD214/DD215 showing the Medal of Honor award or a copy of official orders
    • The Certificate of Title assigned to you ​by the seller
  3. If a payment is needed, make the check or money order made payable to: Registration Fee Trust​. 
  4. Mail to:
​Wisconsin Department of Transportation​
Special Plates Unit
P.O. Box 7911
Madison WI 53707-7911 ​

For more information:

​Special Plates Unit
Email Wisconsin DMV email service
Phone (608) 266-3041
Fax (608) 267-5106