License plate availability

Check before you go!​​

Not all DMV customer service centers provide license plates or license plate renewal services. Save yourself time and gas. Find the closest DMV customer service center near you to see which DMV customer service centers have the plates or renewal services you need. Note: All license plates are available by mail.

Some regular and special plates can only be applied for through the mail. Several special plates can be applied for either through the mail or at a DMV customer service center and then plates will be sent through the mail. You will receive a temporary plate, if needed, at the DMV customer service center.

All DMV customer service centers issue disabled parking ID cards.

To apply for standard license plates by mail, complete the WI Title/License plate application MV1 form and mail to:

P.O. Box 7949
Madison WI 53707-7949


To apply for special plates and personalized plates by mail, complete the appropriate form(s) and mail to:

WisDOT Special Plates Unit
P.O. Box 7911
Madison, WI 53707-7911


Check current processing times to estimate when you can expect your products to be mailed.

Apply for a title and registration for your vehicle. 

Email Wisconsin DMV email service