Processing time for DMV products

  • Your check is cashed immediately after we receive your application.
  • Applications that are missing proper signatures, information, or required documentation will take longer to process. You will be contacted regarding any missing information.
  • Using eMV Public online title and registration application is the fastest, most convenient way to title and register (receive or transfer plates) for your new vehicle.

Check title status:

  • Most online title and registration applications using eMV Public are completed in three days or less. 
  • Most mailed-in title applications are completed in 14 days or less. 
  • Use this title search application to show if your title has been processed and when to expect it in the mail.
  • Note: State law requires the Department to deliver all titles to the lien holder (lender). Check Lien holder search to see if there is a lien on your vehicle and if the Confirmation of Ownership was sent to the owner.

Check license plate status: 

  • Most license plates, stickers and Certificate of Vehicle Registration are sent within 10 days from the processing date
  • To produce and mail personalized and some special plates will take an additional four weeks
  • Use this online license plate search guide to find:
    • If your renewal has been processed and your stickers sent
    • If your plate is valid or suspended
    • The Renewal Reference Number (RRN) to renew your plates online
    • If the vehicle requires an emissions test
  • If you already renewed and your license plate sticker needs to be replaced because it has been lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged, you can obtain a duplicate online.

Check driver license/ID card status:  

  • Driver license or ID card should be received by mail within 10 business days after applying  online or in-person.
  • If your card hasn’t arrived, use this online guide to check the status of your card.