Forms and Information for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)


Monthly DBE Directory Updates

Access the Unified​ Certification​ Program (UCP) D​irectory​

To maintain DBE certification

  • ​Every year, DBEs must fill out the No Change Affidavit (NCA) form certifying they are still eligible to be a certified DBE.
    • ​This form must be filled out during the month the DBE was first certified.
    • ​​​The DBE must also submit their federal tax returns or another form of annual gross receipt documentation.
    • ​​​​Firms can be decertified if they fail to submit this documentation.
  • ​​Certified DBEs are required to notify the DBE office in writing within 30 days of changes in circumstances that could affect their eligibility to qualify for DBE certification, or changes to the information provided in their application, including changes to ownership and contact information.
    • ​​​Notify the DBE office of changes using the DBE Change to Business form​
    • ​​​Failing to notify the DBE office of changes in circumstances can result in decertification.

To request additional North American Industry Classification System

(NAICS) Codes

  • In-state firms: Complete a Work Area Expansion Request form to request authorization to perform a different type of work for DBE credit. The business must demonstrate the ability to perform this type of work.
  • ​​Interstate firms: Contact the DB​E office to request an expansion of DBE certification.
    • ​​If the firm is already certified in additional work areas by their state DBE agency, the firm is only required to submit proof of certification. (For example, a copy of the approval letter.)

    • A certified DBE installs guardrail for the WIS 36 Burlington Bypass

    • ​​If another state has not approved the DBE for the additional work areas, the firm must complete and submit the Work Area Expansion Request​ form.
  • ​​​In order to receive DBE credit toward the contract goal or overall goals, the DBE must be certified for the type of work it intends to perform.​​


Civil Rights and Compliance System (CRCS)

A web-based application for WisDOT and its many partners throughout the state and nation.​​ CRCS provides access​ to the contact information for every registered firm.

Firms planning on bidding on WisDOT construction projects should register for CRCS.

Note - Firms only need to register once.

After registering, you can access CRCS and log in.

Log in to CRCS

  • Enter user ID and password
  • Click submit
  • Click report
  • Click bidder's list

Questions about CRCS, contact: Paul Ndon,

Firms looking for prime contracts in construction and design engineering must first register with the Department. The registration process culminates in a firm's inclusion on the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants. There is a biennial renewal process for all firms on the roster, but new firms may register at any time. View more information about consulting for WisDOT.

WisDOT Consultant Financial Report (CFR)

Bi-annual Consultant Report

Consultant Administration Reporting System (CARS)
Payment information and requirements for consultants

Contracting and work orders for consultants