Unified Certification Program (UCP) DBE certified firms

Workers install guardrail for the WIS 36 Burlington Bypass.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A certified DBE installs guardrail for the WIS 36 Burlington Bypass​​


​As of March 25, 2020, DBE staff will have limited access to postal mail.

To ensure your "Annual No Change Affidavit Form," "DBE Change to Business Form", "Tax Submissions" or "Extension Requests" is received and reviewed, please send your documentation via email to: DBE_Alert@dot.wi.gov and include the email purpose in the subject line.

​​Wisconsin's UCP Certified Firms


​Civil Rights Compliance System (CRCS)

A web-based application for WisDOT and its many partners throughout the state and nation.​​

​If your firm plans on bidding on Wisconsin DOT construction projects, then it should be registered in our database.

Register with CRCS

Note - Your firm need only register once.

Once your firm is registered, or if your firm is already registered, access CRCS and log in. You will have access to the contact information for every registered firm.

Log in to CRCS

  • Enter User ID and password
  • Click Submit
  • Click Report
  • Click Bidder's list

​​​Questions about CRCS, contact:

​Paul Ndon, ​Paul.Ndon@dot.wi.gov