Airport Information

The Wisconsin State Airport System is a gateway to the world that responsibly and effectively meets business, passenger, freight and recreational air transportation needs while enhancing the economic vitality of Wisconsin communities.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation supports a network of eight commercial service airports and 90 diverse general aviation (GA) public-use airports in the state. These airports provide a worldwide access to Wisconsin’s communities for personal travel, business, tourism, emergency responders, agricultural spraying, and flight training.

Wisconsin’s eight commercial service airports support regularly scheduled year-round commercial airline service and the full range of GA activity to domestic and international destinations. The 90 GA public-use airports support all GA aircraft—from the 14 large GA airports that include daily operations of all types of business jets, to the 48 medium GA airports that support most single and multi-engine aircraft, and the 28 small general aviation airports that support primarily single and small twin-engine aircraft.

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