Out-of-state driver license and ID card renewals

If you are a Wisconsin resident, temporarily out of state, and need to renew your driver license or identification card, you may do so by mail. You must be a U.S. citizen who has a valid Social Security number on file with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). Non-U.S. citizens cannot apply by mail and MUST appear at a DMV customer service center to apply.

You can renew your regular license up to one (1) year prior to its expiration date. You can renew your probationary license up to 90 days prior to its expiration date. Your license cannot be expired for more than eight (8) years and it cannot be a Commercial Driver License (CDL).

You may renew your identification (ID) card up to one year prior to its expiration date.

We cannot process your renewal request if:

  • Your most recent Wisconsin license was "Valid Without Photo."
  • A prior license or ID card renewal has been processed for you through the mail or using our online service.
  • You hold a CDL and wish to continue holding a CDL.

Driver license renewal

Complete a Wisconsin Driver License Application MV3001. Record your temporary out-of-state address in the field labeled “Mailing address.” You must also have a vision exam completed within the last 90 days. Results can be recorded either on the MV3001 or on the Certificate of Vision Examination by Competent Authority MV3030V​. Incomplete forms will be returned; note that the "temporal field of vision in degrees" portion of the MV3030V must be completed.

Identification card renewal

Complete a Wisconsin Identification Card Application form MV3004. Record your temporary out-of-state address in the field labeled "Mailing address."

Additional information for all out-of-state applicants

Fill out all sections of the application completely or it will be returned to you, and we will be unable to complete your renewal.

Do not send original documents-photo copies are acceptable. If the following documentation is not included with your application, we will be unable to complete your renewal.

  • A letter stating when you left Wisconsin, when you will return to Wisconsin and why you are temporarily out of state. Also include in the letter your temporary out-of-state mailing address and your telephone number or email address, should we need to contact you. Please also let us know if you would like to receive notification when your license or ID has been processed (email address is required). 
  • A photo copy of a document (other than your driver license), listing your name and current Wisconsin address, to provide proof of your residency, such as:
    • A utility bill for water, gas, electricity or landline telephone service issued within the last 90 days. Cable or similar bundles of services that include landline telephone service is included in this category.
    • Cell phone bills issued in the last 90 days.
    • An account statement from a bank/financial institution or brokerage house issued within the last 90 days. This includes savings, checking, money market and brokerage accounts. 
    • Deed/title, mortgage, rental/lease agreement for Wisconsin property (lease must include landlord's name and phone number).
    • Current valid homeowner's, renter's or motor vehicle insurance policy dated within one year of application.
    • Government-issued correspondence or product issued from a federal, state, county or city agency (issued within the last year). Not acceptable are the Quest and Forward card.
    • Valid Wisconsin hunting or fishing license.
  • A photo copy of a document to provide proof of your identity, such as:
    • A valid (or expired less than eight years) WI driver license.
    • A valid (or expired less than eight years) WI ID card.
    • Certified copy of a Marriage Certificate or Judgment of Divorce.
    • Social Security Card issued by the Social Security Administration.
    • TSA Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC card).
    • A valid photo college ID card from any U.S. university, college or technical college. (must contain student’s name and photograph).
  • If you renew your driver license after its expiration date, add a $5 late fee to your renewal.
  • Mail the completed forms, documentation and a check or money order made payable to "Registration Fee Trust" for the appropriate renewal fee, to the chosen delivery option below. Note that if you want to get your renewal as soon as possible, send your application materials using overnight or priority delivery.
  • Regular first class delivery:

    Driver Eligibility Unit
    P.O. Box 7995
    Madison, WI 53707-7995​​​​​

  • For faster delivery, overnight or priority delivery:
    Driver Eligibility Unit
    4822 Madison Yards Way, Room 225
    Madison, WI 53705

Once processed, your renewal will be sent to you by first class mail delivery to the out-of-state address indicated on your application.​

For more information

​​​Driver Eligibility Unit
Email Wisconsin DMV email service​​​