Heavy trailers, tractors and trucks

​​Most heavy vehicle registration plates expire at three-month intervals or annually in December. Two stacked letters are stamped on the left. The top letter on the left indicates the registered gross weight. They receive a combined month and year sticker. Place the sticker to the right of the plate number. See also Farm trucks and trailers.

Applicable plate types:​
  • ​Apportioned (IRP)* - APO
  • Tractor - TOR
  • Trailer (Heavy) - TRL
  • Trailer (Transferable) - TRL
  • Truck (Heavy) - HTK

* Apportioned vehicle (IRP) plates receive a weight sticker only.

These registration plates also receive a restricted use sticker, which is placed above the month/year sticker.

  • Farm truck tractors
  • Vehicles transporting bulk liquid dairy products
  • Vehicles transporting raw forest products
  • Grading, ditching, excavating or hauling vehicles
  • Special mobile equipment

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