Automobile license plates

Automobile license plate

Regular automobile

Issued to autos, including vans and sport utility vehicles, when more than 50% of the internal capacity is dedicated to seating. Disabled parking version available.  More...

Also issued to schools having a driver education program (must have insurance filed with Wisconsin Department of Transportation). Driver education motorcycle version available.   

Registration period1 year; 5 years for Driver Education (2018)
Plate expirationAll 12 months; December 31 for Driver Education
Fee$75; $5 for Driver Ed​
Wheel tax and/or electric vehicle surcharge may apply
Number of plates​Two
​Plates remain with ​Seller
Plate colorBlack on white graphic
Statutory reference s.341.267; s.341.27(1)​
DMV inquiry​AUT
​DOJ “TIME” system inquiry​PC

Personalized automobile license plate. 

Personalized automobile

​Other plate types can be personalized. See the specific plate type for additional information. Disabled parking version availableMore...

Registration period 1 year
Plate expirationAll 12 months
Fee$15 in addition to regular registration fee
Number of plates​Two
​Plates remain with​Seller
Plate colorBlack on white graphic or red on white graphic
Statutory reference s.341.145
DMV inquiry​AUT
​​DOJ “TIME” system inquiry​PC

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