Motor buses, motor homes, and recreational vehicle trailers

Motor bus and motor home plates

​Motor bus and motor home plates receive a weight sticker and a combined month and year sticker. Place the stickers to the left of the plate number, the weight sticker above the month and year sticker (see registered gross weight).

Motor homes with personalized or special plates receive a year and month sticker only. All vehicles registered by gross weight must carry the certificate of registration at all times. The certificate of registration shows the registration type and gross weight.

Applicable plate types:

  • Motor Bus - BUS
  • Motor Home - MTM

Recreational vehicle trailer plates​

Recreational vehicle trailer plates expire annually in April and have APR stamped in the lower left corner. (A few early plates did not have the APR stamp and were issued a month sticker.) Place the year sticker in the bottom right corner.

Applicable plate type:

  • Recreational Vehicle Trailer - RVT

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